BACKGROUND: Filmed in Cincinnati, the 2017 Sh**take Awards Show is the tenth installment of the annual show lampooning those who exploit Predator Panic for personal gain.

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CHANGES FROM THE 2016 SH**TAKES: This year’s category is the Sh**tpost Signposter of the Year, highlighting the use of signs to harass registered persons.


2017 Shiitakes List of Winners, Runners-Up, and Nominees


New York S6021

AN ACT to amend the penal law, in relation to prohibiting child SOs from possessing a depiction of any minor during their incarceration. I can see a lot of issues with this bill. If a teen gets locked up on an R&J, he can’t have pics even of his siblings because they are minors? A father can’t have pics of his kids? What about pics of yourself as a kid? Thankfully, it stalled in committee. (45.65% of the vote)



  • Texas HB 821: A bill to prevent those convicted of sex offenses from having penpals. Thankfully, it died in committee. (30.43% of the vote)
  • Nebraska LB 60: If the bill had passed, it would’ve  require registrants dating someone with kids to send humiliating letters to baby mammas/ baby daddys to warm them their exes are dating registrants. This bill thankfully did not pass. (28.26% of the vote)


  • South Carolina H. 3003: Would require Internet service providers to install ransomware preventing folks from accessing websites they considered obscene UNLESS the customer paid a $20 fee to have it removed. SC is a biennial legislature so it could still pass, but currently festers in committee.
  • Mississippi HB 505: Would have quadrupled registration fees for registrants in arguably the poorest state in America. Thankfully, it died in committee.


Jeff Edelstein, The Trentonian (NJ)

Applauds the fact the US will mark passports like the Nazis and Soviets used to do. “I’m all for the law, for the record. It’s just a shame we need it. Because if it was up to me, anyone convicted of molesting a child would never get a chance to “move into town.” Life imprisonment is fine by me. Heck, you could convince me of the death penalty in certain cases…I don’t care about the rights of these people. I don’t care about the fact they’re forever marked wherever they go. They should be marked. The end.” (45.65% of the vote)



  • Ashleigh Banfield, HLN: She lied on national TV about reoffense rates, claiming the US Dept. of Justice stated reoffense rates of up to 37%. We all know that’s a lie, but on her 9/7/17 show, she really took her stupidity to a whole other level. She lied about recidivism rates, lied about those post-Katrina rapes which were debunked by numerous sources, and even erroneously claimed the National Sexual Violence Resource Center is a government agency. She is taking over the Nancy Grace spot on HLN in more ways than one. (26.09% of the vote)
  • Brad Schmidt/ Danny Moran/ John Canzano/ Mark Katches, The Oregonian: When Oregon State baseball was in the College World Series, one of the star pitchers for the team was outed as a level 1 (that means low risk for you outsiders) registered citizen for an offense committed when he was 15 in Washington state. These reporters teamed up to engage in a targeted campaign to damage the career of a young man who has served his time as a juvenile. (23.91% of the vote)
  • Dennis Robaugh (Patch National Staff): I’m reluctant to place independent, self-published articles on the awards, but the Patch has a large readership base. This “reporter” used a person with no criminal background and myths as a justification for the SOR. “In all the years we’ve published sex-offender maps or sat in bond court, we’ve never heard of people marching with torches to a child predator’s home. We have, however, seen many parents weep in court because their child was raped or molested…Some studies show there’s a one-in-four chance a convicted sex offender will run afoul of the law again, but most sex crimes go unreported, which means the true recidivism rate among molesters and child rapists cannot be known.” (4.35% of the vote)


  • Kendra Nichols, ABC27 in Harrisburg PA: She would rather let her house burn down than be saved by a firefighter on the gov’t hitlist. “ABC27 Investigator Kendra Nichols found two local fire departments with registered sex offenders, Londonderry Fire Company near Middletown and Citizens Fire Company of Highspire. At the time of the investigation, both registered sex offenders had the fire department addresses listed on the Megan’s Law website as places of employment. ABC27 told the Londonderry Fire Company the results of the search and it took action.”
  • Megan Dice, ABC 13 (Lynchburg/ Roanoake VA): Offered dirty tricks for Halloween in writing the dubious headline, “Bus stop pedophiles: How close is a sex offender to your children?”
  • Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times: Alt-right nut who used Predator Panic to promote Trump’s stupid anti-Immigrant policies. “Liberals like to say illegals only come to the United States for job opportunities, to help their families, or to flee persecution. Some. Others, though, come to prey on little kids and to have illegal sex with minors. Still others — to rape adult women. And we know this because agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement just busted a bunch of them who were taking advantage of Long Island’s quasi-sanctuary policies to hide their sexual-offense pasts.”
  • Ron Jackson, The Daily Journal (Kankakee, IL): Pseudo-Christian misquotes “The Good Book” in OpEd supporting vigilante actions against registrants. “As much as we all agree child sex crimes are as low as a human can go, the law doesn’t deem such offenders worthy of being put away forever. The offender gets his or her life back. The victim never does… The Good Book says we should tie a heavy stone around the child sex offender’s neck and drop him in the deepest part of the sea, but we are selective when it comes to the Good Book.”
  • Andy Cordan, WKRN (TN): Caught using the exact same material two years straight to push his agenda of increasing SOR laws in TN. Some of the “quotes” in the new article were exactly the same as in previous article. It is lazy reporting at its finest.
  • Katie Wedell, Dayton Daily News (OH): Decided to promote her shoddy article about registrants in nursing homes in a story about an unrelated shooting at a nursing home. “The Kirkersville Police Chief and two employees of the home were killed today when a gunman entered the nursing home and them killed himself… In late 2016, when the Dayton Daily News did an investigation into sex offenders living in Ohio nursing homes, there were 10 residents living at Pine Kirk who were on the Ohio sex offender registry. Their crimes ranged from gross sexual imposition to rape of children.”
  • Joe Douglass, KATU (OR): Writes report crediting himself for getting lawmakers to expand the registry, “Bills meant to help better protect you and your family from sex offenders are now in the works in Salem. And a state lawmaker credits KATU with tipping him off to problems with the system that he was not aware of. The lawmaker, state Rep. Jeff Barker, D-Aloha, says KATU’s Joe Douglass opened his eyes to a startling fact about Oregon’s public sex offender registry last fall.”
  • Faith Goldy, Rebel Media (Canada):  Reminds us again the Alt-Right is All-Wrong in the worst way possible. In an online video, She starts off by criticizing the trailer for a new Fox comedy show which uses very crude humor to promote an upcoming show called “The Mick.” Being a All-Wrong nut, she associates associate Hillary with “pedophile,” which is all Goldy discusses the rest of the video. She jumps into criticizing a couple of media outlets like Salon and other mainstream outlets which featured a self-professed “pedophile” describe how he prevents himself from acting on his sexual urges. Goldy compares toilet humor with “normalizing pedophilia,” a term the “Antis” have used for nearly a decade to minimize or outright silence the voice of anyone challenging SO laws.
  • Mike Adams of As seen on, His news headline is “California just decriminalized child prostitutes beginning Jan 1… “legalization” stirs outrage.” “So now, according to California’s totally insane Governor and legislature, 17-year-old prostitutes can openly stand on street corners and sell their bodies with complete legal immunity… all in the name of “compassion” from a “safe space” California culture that has gone so far off the deep end, the rest of the country desperately hopes #CalExit will succeed.”
  • Chris Sommerfeldt, NY Daily News: Wrote article about Seattle Amtrak crash victim’s status as a registrant, because that was more important than the actual train crash.
  • Michael Dolce, The Hill: Wrote a nasty OpEd claiming that Restorative Justice encourages People Forced to Register to reoffend. He also claimed that RPs have zero remorse. (Note that in 2023, Dolce was arrested for CP. so maybe he was talking about himself.)


Eric Zahnd, Platte Co MO Prosecutor

Threatened and intimidated people who wrote letters of support to a man on trial for a sex crime. “Zahnd’s office did something highly unusual: It contacted the people who had written character letters on behalf of Paden and told them to get in touch with assistant prosecutor Chris Seufert. When they did, Seufert told them that, unless they withdrew their letters, he would expose them as supporters of a defendant who had
engaged in pedophilia. Zahnd’s office also subpoenaed the letter writers, ordering them to appear at Paden’s sentencing hearing. But when they showed up, none of
them were called to the witness stand.” (52.17% of the Vote)



  • Chris Smith, R-NJ Congressman: Three words. International Megan’s Law. Need I say more? (26.09% of the vote)
  • Connie M. Leyva, D-CA State Senator: Bashes registry reformists in slanted Op-Ed. “I met with sex offender advocates throughout the legislative process and was disappointed at how serious sex-related crimes continued to be minimized. I clearly remember how one sex offender tried to minimize his offense by saying that ‘it was just child pornography.’ Well, in my world and that of most Californians, possessing pornographic images of children is absolutely wrong. Though some sex- related crimes may not have caused direct physical harm, even sex offenders convicted of “lesser” crimes like child pornography are still dangerous. These offenders should never be around children unsupervised. I authored SB26 because children should always be protected from dangerous sex offenders. We can and must err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of our kids.” (21.74% of the vote)


  • Ed Gillespie, R-VA Gubernatorial Candidate: He lost the election, thankfully. Knowing getting an endorsement from the idiot-in-chief was a death-knell for his campaign, his campaign reeked of desperation when he attacked his opponent as a “friend of sex offenders” for supporting restoration of rights for felons. “The Gillespie campaign rolled out an ad Monday highlighting the case of a sex offender whose rights were restored late last year, months after he was arrested for having a massive child pornography stash… ‘But Ralph Northam’s policy of automatic restoration of rights for unrepentant, unreformed, violent criminals is wrong,’ Gillespie says in the 60-second ad that sharpens the law-and-order message the GOP nominee has already emphasized with ads opposing sanctuary cities and stressing the dangers of the Latino gang MS-13.”
  • Terrence Murphy, R-NY State Senator: Ignores Packingham v NC as he introduces a bill to ban registrants from the Internet in NY State.
  • Robert Doumar, US District Judge (East Dist. VA): From the bench this week, a federal judge unafraid of offering blunt opinions said that anyone who produces child pornography should be shot. “An exact quote of what Senior U.S. District Judge Robert Doumar said Tuesday during a case involving the collection of child porn was not available, but in an interview Thursday, he reiterated the comment multiple times. ‘I said it. I said that they should be shot,’ said Doumar. ‘I feel very strongly on this,” he said. ‘They are not fit to live in our society.’”
  • Kevin Skulczyck, R-CT State Rep.: “State Rep. Kevin Skulczyck confirmed he would like to see chemical castration performed on convicted sex offenders as a form of punishment. He said the proposal will be on his “top 5” list of priorities
    going into next year’s legislative session.”
  • Donna Jo McDaniel, Allegheny Co. PA Judge: Caught in a pattern of exceeding sentencing guidelines when sentencing people convicted of sex crimes. “We note our awareness of a possible emerging pattern in this particular sentencing court of routinely sentencing sex offenders in the aggravated sentencing range and/or outside the guidelines,” wrote Superior Court President Judge Emeritus John T. Bender.


NY State Sen. Jeffrey Kline

Stole a line from Lauren Book. “State Sen. Jeffrey Klein says a state law designed to keep sex offenders away from schools doesn’t include universal pre-K and kindergarten facilities. Kindergarten and pre-kindergarten programs that exist physically outside of actual school buildings do not receive protection under the law barring convicted sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet. ‘What we found was
astonishing,’ Klein says. ‘These ticking time bombs can attack our kids at any time, and the law unfortunately isn’t there to protect them.’” — (48.94% of the Vote)



  • John Canzano, The Oregonian: In attacking the USO baseball player for his juvenile record, Canzano stated, “Can we start with the premise that human life matters? Anyone disagree on that? This isn’t a complicated starting point. The young relative who was molested by Heimlich deserves your thoughts and respect. The victim matters. She matters more than Heimlich. She matters more than baseball. She matters. Period. Anyone disagree there?” Sounds like Orwell’s Animal Farm (31.91% of the Vote)
  • Rick Perry, US Energy Secretary: If you use wind or solar, apparently you’re just setting yourself up to be raped if you believe another one of Trump’s esteemed cabinet members. He said a young girl told him that energy is important to her because she often reads by the light of a fire with toxic fumes. “But also from the standpoint of sexual assault,” Perry said. “When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will on those types of acts.” (19.15% of the Vote)


  • John Walsh: A man who needs no introduction. Declares the US is a “third-world” country. Obviously, he doesn’t know what term means.  “Everybody has a problem with the abuse of children. I don’t give a damn if you live in Beverly Hills or you live in the inner city in the ghetto. Your children can be victims at any time. We are the richest and most powerful country in the world, but we have more child abuse than any other third world country.”
  • McKay King, Wasatch Co UT’s DA: Utard threatens two state Senators after they voted for a bill easing mandatory minimums. “It appears that you both voted to lower the punishment for child rapists and to allow them to go unregistered on Utah’s streets,” Mckay King wrote in an email to Sens. Curt Bramble and David Hinkins. “I will make sure that everyone in Wasatch County is aware that you did this. I will make sure that no one forgets that you did this,” he warned. “This was bad law, and everyone that I have spoken to agrees. I will make sure they remember to vote accordingly.”
  • Scott Swanson, Oxford Recovery Center (AR): Compared RSOs to nuclear bombs. “In an email to ACC officials, Scott Swanson, who had opened Oxford House addition recovery houses in the Harrison area and is a partner in the newest venture as well, used an analogy to explain Lotus’ position. Swanson wrote that Lotus had agreed to take 20 or so ‘sticks of dynamite’ that ACC would be releasing. The program Lotus developed would disarm those sticks of dynamite in hopes they would never be ‘re-fused.’ But as the project got closer, ACC informed Lotus that there would be a couple of ‘armed nuclear warheads’ in the shipment that Lotus would have to figure out how to disarm. ‘We have NO programs for sex offenders,’ Swanson wrote.”
  • Minnesota State Rep. Matt Grossell: Wants to bury the hatchet inside Minnesota’s registrant population (figuratively, at least). Grossell, a former law enforcement officer, said he watched KARE 11’s report on how a type of plea deal known as a Stay of Adjudication allowed hundreds of child sexual predators in Minnesota to have their crimes masked by the legal system. “This is wrong to me! That’s just wrong!” So we decided to eliminate the stays of adjudication and imposition… It’s time for the hatchet and not the scalpel.”

(Special Category for 2017)

Shelton Kitchens, Arkansas:

Shelton Kitchens said he learned recently that his daughter was in a sexual relationship with a 21-year-old man. “She got lured in by puppies,” he said. “He called Crimes Against Children in Little Rock. They said they can’t do nothing about
it because she’s 16 years old,” he said. In fact, 16 is the age of consent in Arkansas. There was nothing law enforcement officers could do. So he started a public awareness campaign, putting a sign up that reads, “Danger! Child molester lives in first house on the right.” It lists the man’s last name at the bottom.

(36.17% of the vote)




  • Olean NY residents: Two nosy neighbors posted signs together read “Sexually molest a child and you get your home remodeled for free!” This was in response to the mother of a registrant who received home weatherization assistance for her home. “He’s sitting in jail for molesting a child and he’s going to come home to a brand new, remodeled house that the taxpayers paid for,” said Barbara Whiteman of 371 Fountain St., in whose yard the signs about free remodeling were posted. “Does that sound right to you?” (34.04% of the vote)
  • City of Salesville, Arkansas: This is not just one person’s effort; the city government approved signs targeting one registrant in town. “It is the total responsibility of this body to make sure the people who come here to visit and the people who live here are notified that that person is in the area,” Mayfield said. “I don’t know if it has ever been done, but I see this big lawsuit that you didn’t do your duty as a public officer to make sure it was known to the public that the person was known to be in the area … I want everyone to know that he’s here.”… “He is a Level 4 sex offender, which is a sexual predator,” Mayfield said. “It’s not if he’s going to offend, it’s when he does.” (29.79% of the vote)    


  • Danyelle Dyer of Oklahoma: Organized a protest and had a sign pointing out her aunt was allowing a registrant to live with her temporarily, and plans on getting a law passed in her name to prevent registrants from living close to alleged victims. “If I can’t make him move, I want to make him as uncomfortable as possible.”
  • Karin Ahrman, Marion County FL: Wannabe Valigator. Karin Ahrman put signs in her front lawn and on telephone poles to warn everyone that **** lives on **** in Ocala. There is nothing illegal about what Ahrman is doing because the information can be found on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website. “I nailed them on every telephone pole in the neighborhood,” Ahrman said.


Austin Strickland of Mulberry, FL

Attacked the man who found his lost daughter, then went online to Facebook and continued his attack online, forcing the good Samaritan to leave town. Like a coward, he shut down his FB page after thousands of folks attacked him online for his

(60.87% of the vote)



  • Dana Delaney Loyd, Brevard Co., FL: I guess we can call her Dana BALONEY Loyd after a jury convicted her of making a false claim of receiving reports of CSA. No doubt, at least part of the false claim was likely to increase exposure for her alternative news site “Brevard’s Best News,” but now her news site has turned into a site defending her actions. She even made her own GoFundMe page to beg for help after getting arrested. Maybe “Safe Kids International” should reconsider their support of this convicted criminal. She was sentenced to a year in jail but no registry. (26.09% of the vote)
  • Trae Dorn of “Nerd and Tie”: Outed a convention photographer as a registrant and engaged in an online attack against the photographer. (13.04% of the vote)


  • Brenda Tracy, Oregon: Wasted no time using the Oregon State Baseball player to get her 15 minutes of fame as she pushes for laws to prevent registrants from participating in sports.
  • Christin Olsen, Naples FL: Feels the law should bend to her personal quest of vengeance. She wants to increase residency restriction laws just to get her revenge on someone who allegedly harmed her.




British inmates complain their blankets were made by sex offenders

Inmates at Walton prison fear they could be sleeping under blankets made by SOs. The prisoner describes himself as “horrified” to learn a “sex offender’s hands have been all over my blanket” and questions why they are distributed throughout the prison system.

(46.81% of the vote)



  • St. Charles Parish LA bribes kids with toys to use the public registry: “Upon completion of the program, and with parental assistance, children will print a map of their local area, sign it, and submit it to their teacher. Once the assignment has been completed, children will receive a safety prize from Adventure Quest Laser Tag, providing children with a choice of a FREE Laser Tag or Bumper Car Ride or Putt-Putt Game, according to the news release issued by the sheriff.” (29.79% of the vote)
  • Battle Creek MI refuses to let registered citizen open a place of business to help the hungry and poor: Major Jim Grafton of the Battle Creek Police Department said Wednesday that Adkins was told Monday not to be in the space that houses his business because it is within 1,000 feet of Battle Creek Central High School and St. Philip Catholic schools. “The idea of the business is to help low-income people with food,” Dian said. “I have taken this week off to think and pray as to how to proceed.” (17.02% of the vote)
  • Oh, SNAP! Leader of SNAP resigns amid lawsuit over exploiting abuse “survivors”: So SNAP has “allegedly” been exploiting their clients by sending them to their special lawyers in exchange for some kickbacks? What a shocker. If she wins, founder Barbara Blaine will receive the award posthumously. (6.38% of the vote)


  • Feminist Criminal Justice book uses pic of Brock Turner as definition of “Rape”: The SF Gate reports someone posted a photo of the page on FB. The photo appears in Introduction to “Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity and Change,” the second edition, by Callie Marie Rennison and Mary Dodge, which was published in January by Sage Press, according to The Sacremento Bee newspaper.
  • No price is too great to protect just one child, even if that price is putting them in jail, says Louisiana DA: New Orleans victims advocates are against the use of material witness warrants to force victims of domestic abuse and sex crimes to testify in court. However, Orleans DA Leon Cannizzaro says in some rare cases, it’s necessary to put a victim or witness in jail to get a dangerous criminal or sex offender off the streets. “If I have to put a victim of a crime in jail, for eight days, in order to…keep the rapist off of the street, for a period of years and to prevent him from raping or harming someone else, I’m going to do that.”
  • Jerkoff judge Judge Oscar Garcia of Oregon gives LWOP sentence to guy jerking off on city rail: That’s life without parole for masturbating.
  • Alt-Right caught spreading fake news by claiming Ft Lauderdale shooter was a registered citizen: “Why is CNN attempting to make the shooter look more white? Bizarre,” reads InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson’s tweet, which had 3,500 retweets at press time. The attached picture, which was neither aired nor lightened by CNN, is of a 39-year-old Esteban Santiago, who lives in NY state. The image was pulled from Florida SOR. Instead, the Esteban Santiago who shot 13 people and left five dead in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport on Friday was born in NJ and spent the last several years living in Anchorage. According to officials, he is 26, not 39, and is in police custody.
  • FBI slammed for paying Best Buy employees for finding CP on customers’ computers: So now the B in FBI stands for Best Buy?



Polk Co. FL Sheriff

Shady Grady, Sheriff of Polk Co FL: Shady Grady told registrants NOT to seek shelter except for prison during Hurricane Irma and bragged about it on social media.

(47.92% of the vote)



  • Homer “Gator” DeLoach, Putnam Co. Sheriff (FL): Narrowly wins a hotly contested and controversial election, apparently by only 13 votes, reorganized resources and created a position known as a “Sex Offender Compliance Specialist.” “We refuse to allow Putnam County to become a safe haven for sexual offenders and predators,” said Gator Deloach, who was elected Sheriff in Nov. 2016. “While we can’t control in which county they choose to live, we can certainly make Putnam County as inhospitable as possible for them.” (20.83% of the vote)
  • Fairfax Virginia Police Detective Jeremy Hoffman: He actually tours the country to promote making bestiality a sex crime while claiming that child abusers also have sex with animals. “I found that people who were engaged in crimes against children were also engaged in sexual crimes against animals,” Hoffman said. (16.67% of the votes)
  • Butler Co OH Sheriff Richard K Jones: Aside from proclaiming a “76% re-offense rate,” he also lied on the Ashleigh Banfield show that Ohio does not welcome registrants in any homeless shelter. (14.58% of the Votes)


  • Jackson Co Sheriff (MO) Mike Sharp: The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is targeting some sex offenders for arrest at the City Union Mission because it sits near a park, according to a federal lawsuit alleging that the practice violates the charity’s constitutionally protected rights of religious freedom.
  • Jay Pennington WYCO (KS) deputy sheriff: A Wyandotte County deputy faces felony charges for stealing money intended for the Sheriff’s office, according to the county prosecutor. Pennington was team leader for the WYCO sheriff’s Offender Registration Unit (ORU) and responsible for taking cash fees from registered sex offenders. Prosecutor Michael Dupree alleges Pennington was making fake receipts and pocketing the $20 cash fees. It’s not clear yet how much money is missing.





Was there ever any doubt? This is FloriDUH’s fifth title in a row and eighth overall victory. The ongoing registrant crisis in Miami and the Grady Judd hurricane shelter ban helped maintain FloriDUH’s dynasty for another year.


  • Ore-GONE PLUM CRAZY: Oregon sentenced a guy to life in prison for flogging the bishop on a train. If that wasn’t enough, the reporters at the Oregonian engaged in a targeted campaign to derail the career of a young baseball player who made a mistake in his teenage years. (14.89% of the vote)
    JOKE-lahoma: Oklahoma gave us Danyelle Dyer, the campus feminist who wants to increase the number of places registrants cannot legally live, getting blind support from legislature. Expect to see Danyelle’s law in next year’s voting. (4.26% of the vote)

Write-In Candidates (Each received one vote)

  • Nazi Gestapo Fascist Georgia
  • Montana Big Lie Country
  • BOP (Editor’s note: The Federal Bureau of Prisons isn’t technically a state, unless you count a state of disarray)
  • California which passed a law in 2017 allowing a person to get off the registry but wont go into affect for 2 years
  • North Carolina, due to the social media/ Internet ban
  • All of them, for going against their own state retroactivity laws to keep registrants on a public registry who committed offenses prior to the laws being enacted.
  • Alabama. For creating one of the harshest SO laws in the nation, and then nominating Roy Moore as a U.S. Senate candidate. Some of Moore’s defenders argued it was common in Alabama in the 1970’s for 30-something year old men to date 14 year old teenagers.
  • LOSER-ana


It seems Karin Ahrman got the original post removed from my Shiitake Nominees Blog. Well, no matter because it will be reposted here in the interest of the safety of registered persons and others Karin has harassed over the years in Ocala, FL.

The following is a matter of public record and thus is republished here under the Fair Use Doctrine, (See for more information). “Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.” The Shiitake Awards serves both as a news reporting blog and a colorful criticism. This will NOT be taken down for ANY reason.

Here’s the lowdown. In 2017, Karin Phillips Ahrman of Ocala FL Karin Sue (Phillips) Ahrman posted a sign to harass her neighbors. The news media posted her report (News WDBO 96.5 FM on June 5, 2017), where the news media reported:

“I nailed them on every telephone pole in the neighborhood,” Ahrman said. “I was molested at 4. I was raped at 12. You don’t get over it. Someone has to be here and be the voice for the voiceless.” The Marion County Sheriff’s Office handles sex offender
registration for the county. There’s nothing illegal about the sign, but Deputy Paul Bloom said Ahrman could still end up in legal trouble if something goes wrong. “If this person, this sex offender was attacked and that person was determined that they attacked him because they heard that they were a sex offender, certainly there’s going to be some civil liability there,” Bloom said.

Then Karin Ahrman took her act to the A&E Cable TV station, where they published a Q&A :

When you put the sign out in your front yard, what kind of reaction did you get?

That was kind of mixed. And I had to fight my husband about it. I literally told him, ‘We will divorce over this sign. The sign will stay here.’ I was molested when I was four. I was raped when I was 12, so this is personal to me.

We have [the offender’s] picture on the sign. And I only put what was public knowledge on it. People tried getting me to take it down. They called the police. And [the police] all said that it’s perfectly legal. It’s no different from me putting up a political sign, a religious sign or whatever, because it’s my property. It was the facts that were put in my mailbox. It was public knowledge.

On the National Sex Offender Public Registry website there is a disclaimer that says, ‘Any person who uses information contained in…this Website to threaten, intimidate, or harass any individual, including registrants or family members, or who otherwise misuses this information may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability under federal and/or state law.’ Did anyone claim that you were harassing the guy?

Somebody did say, ‘You know, you could be charged with harassment.’ And I said, ‘How am I harassing him? I’m not going to his house. I’m not threatening him. I’m not speaking to him. I’m not interacting with him.’ He did come here to interact with me once, and I told him the facts. ‘It’s my driveway. Do not stop here. Do not call here.’

Did he say why he came to talk to you?

At first, I had 100 flyers printed up and I put them on every telephone pole between my house and all of the schools, and he was right behind me ripping them down. He stopped and asked, ‘Why are you doing this?’ And I said, ‘Because they need to know about you. Go ahead and tear the flyers down, because the next sign is going to be even bigger.’ That’s when I put my yard sign up. I bet he’s wishing he would have left up the little flyers with his picture on them. They were so small, you could barely see it. Now his face is all over.

Do you plan on doing anything else to spread the word?

There’s really not much else I can do, because then I would be charged with harassment. I did have some professionals contact me that wanted me to get a crowd together so they could do a free presentation for kids to teach them a few things [about safety] when dealing with strangers]. [Unfortunately] I couldn’t even round up a class of 30.

Did your neighbors complain that you were bringing down their property value and things like that?

I had a lot of people say that. ‘Oh, you’re just hurting the neighborhood.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not! He is! There’s the problem in the neighborhood—not me.’

Did you look on the NSOPR website to see how many other convicted sexual offenders were within a radius of your house? [Editor’s note: You can do this in Florida, but information is not available for every state.]

I didn’t. It’s not like I want to cause a problem for everyone. I want my son to be very aware. He’s autistic on top of being [the offender’s] target age. He’s not street smart and he’s been very protected. He’s watched very closely, but not all kids are that lucky. I was one of those kids that wasn’t that lucky. I suffered [sexual abuse] twice for that. So, if I can save one child—just one—from that, then it’s worth whatever the neighborhood wants to throw at me.

This is what I originally posted on the Shiitake Awards blog in 2017:

This is Karin Phillips Ahrman [FACEBOOK] [YOUTUBE] of Marion County, FloriDUH. This disturbing trend of private citizens harassing registered persons with signs. Cops don’t want to arrest this crazy bitch even though this is harassment, but at least they said she can be sued. I hope Karin’s VICTIM sues her into oblivion.

Interestingly, she doesn’t like it when someone goes after her, so why do it to others?

As of 7/1/2019, Ahrman’s poster can still be found on her Facebook page at

Below are various pictures taken from vaious sources illustrating Karin Ahrman and her vigilante actions. All are legal under Fair Use: