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If you or someone you love is forced to register on America’s public Sex Offense Registry and you are seeking answers, support, or want to fight back against the registry, you are in the right place. Please read the announcements and instructions for this site or use the dropdown menus on the header corresponding to your subject of interest. You can also use the search fuction to find information on this site.

If you are on the public “sex offense registry,” stop calling yourself a “sex offender.” Due to the negative connotation currently associated with the term “Registered Sex Offender,” we prefer to use the term Registered Person (RP), Registered Citizen (RC), Registrant, or Person Forced to Register. We feel the term “sex offender” is wrong in part because it is an action (adjective) used to describe a person (noun), and because it implies that everyone on the sex offense registry are inevitable dangers to society. Thus, we limit the use of such terminology here primarily to instances where it cannot be avoided (i.e., making a direct quote). However, we must also use these terms at times in part because people use these terms when seeking resources. In those instances I must use the term “sex offender” (especially with direct quotations or the usage of the term to help folks labeled as “Registered Sex Offenders” find this website) I will place them within quotations. Definitions matter!

NOTICE: If you have not visited my site recently and you have linked to a direct page on my website, you should update that link. I manually shortened vitually all of my webpage addresses have changed. I didn’t care for some of the web extensions that were generated when I switched to a new format, and only recently learned to change page addresses. 



Note: because Amazon.com prints on demand, some books in circulation may differ from books bought later, as the book is a “living document,” meaning it is constantly edited as new info and fact checks are constantly made. For a list of all major changes (i.e., changes to content, not merely minor grammar/ typo fixes), click the button that says “Click here for the list of changes.”

“Your Life on The List” is a survival guide for individuals facing inclusion on the public “sex offender” registry. This guide provides an overview of common laws Registered Persons may face after conviction/ release from incarceration. This guide also provides useful information on finding housing, employment, travel issues, legal rights, and other advice and resources specific to Registered Persons. This guide also contains a list of transitional housing programs and a comprehensive overview of the sex offense registry laws of all 50 state and US Territories; the legal overview covers the registry, residency/ presence restriction laws, community notification, relief from the registry, parental rights, and other laws applicable to Registered Persons (complete with legal statute numbers). Your Life on “The List” is an indispensable tool for newly registered or soon-to-be registered persons. This guide was created primarily for prisoners and those on probation/ parole/ supervised release who are not allowed Internet access. However, those interested in the myriad of laws a Registered Person must endure will also find value in this book. 


Founded on 5 December 2007, Once Fallen has been a leading reference & resource site for Registered Citizens (i.e., those convicted of sexual offenses requiring registration on a publicly accessible registry) and provide useful information to those seeking to reform or abolish the myriad of excessive sex offense laws, from the public registry to residency restrictions and beyond. Once Fallen answers hundreds of phone calls and letters, visits with legislators, assists registrants in connecting to available resources and support networks, and provides analysis research on sex offender laws FREE of charge.

This FREE and INDEPENDENT resource site is NOT funded by ANY other organizations or grants, NOR DO I EVER, NOR WILL I EVER, CHARGE FOR MY SERVICES OR ASSISTANCE. Donations, however, are always needed to keep this important service going.

Once Fallen operating expenses include website fees, costs related to prisoner outreach (stamps, paper, etc.), connectivity through phone and online (answering emails, letters, and calls from Registered Persons, loved ones, the media, college students seeking research, and legal professionals), and on the occasional public awareness event. Your donations help OnceFallen continue to offer this website, the prisoner outreach and the other awareness campaigns available. OnceFallen is run by one person so maintaining a site this large is a monumental effort.


  1. I accept PayPal donations to iamthefallen1@yahoo.com (or clicking the “Make a Donation” Button above, but it is better to send me a PayPal donation through the PayPal site under “friends and family” to avoid fees).
  2. You can also support this website by buying something for me off the OnceFallen AMAZON.COM WISHLIST. (For those not familiar with how that works, if you order something off my list, it is shipped to me from Amazon. Be sure to buy through Amazon Smile so your purchases help other charities. My Amazon Smile Charity of choice is Women Against Registry.)
  3. You can send a check, Money Order, Postage Stamps, or Cash payable to Derek Logue, 2211 County Road 400, Tobias, NE 68453. DO NOT make checks/ MOs out to OnceFallen because I cannot cash them.


MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide an honest education on the truth about “sex offender” laws and issues, dispelling the myths used to justify sex offense legislation, and offering some support services and guidance to those seeking to reform America’s sex offense laws. 

Once Fallen is not a legal referral service, nor can we provide legal advice on sex crime defense or appealing convictions, and any advice given is a solitary opinion based upon the personal experiences and conclusions made by the owner of this site, and these opinions should not be construed as a substitute for legal advice. If you do not like the advice given here, see our “Links to Other Resources” page to reach out to another activist for a second opinion. 

OnceFallen.com advocates for the ethical and positive treatment and support for those who offended so that they may live productive and offense free lives. We support evidence-based (PROVEN) methods of prevention, education and treatment. We believe the public registry, residency restrictions, community notification, registry fees, GPS monitoring, and other post-release sanctions are NOT evidence-based and are ineffective as methods to achieving an offense-free society. Thus, we will publicly oppose these oppressive sanctions until these sanctions are fully abolished.

OnceFallen.com (and members of the Anti-Registry Movement) do not promote or condone sexual abuse of any kind, nor we do not work to lower/ abolish age of consent laws; we DO NOT affiliate, support, or align ourselves active members of such groups like NAMBLA or “Boychat/ Girlchat” sites, or other sites that are known to promote illicit activity. 

We do not believe every person claiming to be a registry reform activist is indeed worthy of our support. Once Fallen condemns the following for making numerous false accusations against this website site — “Michael McKay” from Registry Report and Lifetimes Magazine, Dwayne Daughtry from NCRSOL.ORG, TNF_13 (a self-professed “pedophile activist”), Lori Hamilton of Oklahoma Voices, and former Virginia area activist Mary Davye Devoy; we will not associate or support any project connected to these dubious individuals. 

Mentions are not endorsements: As part of our mission goal of providing resources to Registered Citizens, we may refer people to other established groups or mention the existence of these outside agencies. Mentions of these other organizations do not imply any kind of cooperation or agreement between us and are listed for informative purposes only. See my CONTACT ME page for detailed info about this site and to contact the webmaster.

OnceFallen Info is FREE to use for NON-COMMERCIAL and FAIR USE ONLY: The information provided at this site is FREE to the public for informational and educational (non-commercial) purposes ONLY. If you intend to use anything from this website for non-commercial purposes, such as copying a page to hand to a legislator or an inmate, or for school research projects, then this falls under “fair use” and you don’t need my permission. Commercial ventures, such as for-profit businesses or competing websites, must obtain my permission to use any info provided here. Generally I only ask you link to my website and credit me for my work (Derek W. Logue of Once Fallen.com). Any opinions expressed here are my own. Links to other websites do not imply any degree of mutual endorsement or support between OnceFallen.com and any other website and are merely here for educational and informative purposes.

SERVICES PROVIDED: OnceFallen engages in a variety of projects:

  1. The OnceFallen.com website: This website is our primary service.
  2. Prisoner Outreach: OnceFallen has offered the Informational Corrlinks Newsletter (ICoN) since 2015. In addition, OnceFallen answers prisoner letters and prints out some reference materials upon request.
  3. Answering inquiries: Every year, OnceFallen answers hundreds of questions by phone, text, email, and postal letter. Most questions involve housing, understanding the laws, or finding local resources. Occasionally, I’ve assisted with media inquiries, college research papers, videos, and helping legal professionals better understand potential arguments against these laws.
  4. The Annual Shiitake Awards: The Shiitake Awards is a special project that spotlights the absurdity of Predator Panic and America’s obsession with passing tougher sex offense laws. Throughout the year, nominees are listed on the Shiitake-Worthy Blog and the winners are selected by vote in January. 
  5. Other projects: OnceFallen engages in a variety of public awareness campaigns, including public demonstrations and media interviews. We would be open to speaking events or helping with larger projects upon request. If you’d like OnceFallen’s assistance, feel free to CONTACT ME.
SERVICES NOT PROVIDED: This site does not offer free legal resources, any kind of financial assistance, or any service not directly related to sex offense legal reforms. While OnceFallen.com occasionally covers articles related to the sentencing and punishment phases of sex offense sanctions, our focus is primarily on post-release issues; thus, we typically can’t answer sentencing-related or personal appeals-related questions. 



OnceFallen.com provides offers webpages on resources for Registered Persons and various articles covering a variety of topics of the sex offense legal issue, including legislation summaries and myths justifying sex offense legislation.  There is also an FAQ PAGE for the most common questions you may have.

The categories are as follows:

  • RESOURCES FOR RCs: Fact guides to help registrants with common needs, including an FAQ, finding resources, travel issues, becoming an activist, handling police checks, or dealing with harassment. 
  • HOUSING LISTS & LEGAL ISSUES: A list of available housing across America  and articles on obtaining housing as well as common housing-related legal issues a Registered Person may face, such as emergeny shelter issues, nursing homes, and residency restriction laws. 
  • REGISTRY, SORNA, ADAM WALSH ACT: A series on Sex Offense Registry & Notification, including the federal Adam Walsh Act (AWA) and other registry-specific issues like costs and fees.
  • TREATMENT & CIVIL COMMITMENT: Covering both positive and negative treatment topics including civil commitment, polygraphs, and extreme treatment measures.
  • SEX OFFENSE ISSUES: Articles covering a variety of sex offense legal topics — church attendance issues, false allegations, definitions, quotes, Parental Rights, Int’l Megan’s Law, Internet laws, and State ID card issues.
  • SEX OFFENSE MYTHS:  Covering various myths used to justify sex offense legislation, including recidivism myths, underreporting, misssing registrants, stranger danger, and the faulty belief the registry is an effective tool for sexual abuse prevention. 
  • ONCE FALLEN’S SURVEYS: Research Survey Reports specifically conducted by OnceFallen.com, covering jobs and welfare, housing, police checks, and disaster prepping.
  • HISTORY OF REGISTRY & ARM: A series of articles covering history of sex offense laws and commentaries on the growing sex offense legal reform movement.
  • COMMENTARIES: A few personal editorials on various sex offense topics, including the ever-popular “You Might Be a Sex Offender If” page.
  • tHE SHIITAKE AWARDS: The Shiitake Awards is a parody award project that spotlights stories of people exploiting Predator Panic and sex offense laws for personal gain.
  • ABOUT ONCE FALLEN: My contact page, bio, book sales, site updates, and mission statement

On your left is a list of fact guides on a variety of sex offender laws and topics. Every fact guide has been researched thoroughly and every effort has been made to provide up-to-date and accurate information. Once Fallen is dedicated to providing the best available information. If you find any grammatical or spelling errors, research errors, or have suggestions, email me at iamthefallen1@yahoo.com. If you are looking to become an activist, I suggest reading my GET ACTIVE page. If you are looking for information not covered by my fact guides, looking to join other activist sites, or to see if there are state-specific resources for your area, visit my LINKS TO OTHER RESOURCES page


For media inquiries or to contact me, visit my CONTACT ME page. To join the fight, visit my GET ACTIVE page. See also my SITES/LINKS PAGE for other support and advocacy sites & related resources. I always strongly suggest anyone looking for a private online support group for registered persons and their loved ones to sign up for the forums at www.sosen.org as they have a great forum for sharing information and offering support to fellow registrants.


(Important resources offered by other sites):

Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Resource Center: Hosted by the Mitchell Hamline School of Law (St Paul, MN), this resource center covers case law on various topics on sex offense policy. If you’re doing legal research to fight the registry, it is among the best legal research sites on the Internet. https://mitchellhamline.edu/sex-offense-litigation-policy/

Relief for the Registry Chart released by the Collateral Consequences Resource Center: The ccresourcecenter.org website has released a spreadsheet of laws that provide relief from the public sex offender registry. You can download the info by clicking below. The CCRC also has other spreadsheets and resources including a guide on restoring certain rights like voting, firearms, jury duty, and public office.

NCSL Database of Passed Laws: The National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) has a database of all sex offender legal enhancements (i.e., laws passed that increase sex offenders laws) from 2008 to the current sessions. 

RTAG Travel Matrix: The Registrant Travel Action Group (RTAG) has created a “Travel Matrix” in an attempt to aid registrants planning international travel.

MODIFIED ACSOL 50 STATE/ US TERRITORY VISITOR’S/ TEMPORARY RESIDENCE GUIDE: The Alliance for Consitutional Sex Offense Laws had created a 50 state spreadsheet but the info had not been updated in two years, and some claimed it was insufficient. In November 2020, “Atwo Zee” updated the data and OnceFallen added registry fees and AWA compliance notes. The result is a more helpful spreadsheet. You can get this improved guide, last updated 04/24/2021 below. In addition, Atwo Zee made a color coded US Map with travel data for easy reference (PDF download below)

NEW! A-Two-Zee also created a spreadsheet covering visiting states if you have been on the registry longer than 10 years or have been removed from your home state’s registry. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS NEW GUIDE

2020 Juveniles on the Registry Report: A November 2020 report by the Juvenile Law Center covers juvenile sex offense laws for all 50 states. 


Your Life on the List” by Derek Logue: A survival guide for Registered Persons

“Protecting Our Kids?” by Emily Horowitz: A critique of the registry with stories of those directly impacted by the laws.

“Stranger Danger” by Paul Renfro: A history book covering the Predator Panic from the late 1970s to the early 1990s