Once Fallen's Informational CorrLinks Newsletter (The ICoN)

About the ICoN

The Informational CorrLinks Newsletter (aka ICoN) is a FREE, text-only newsletter that can be sent to inmates who have access
to CorrLinks, an email system currently used in federal prisons as well as some state prisons in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.
Corrlinks does not allow people to send PDF files or pictures, and has a 13,000 CHARACTER (not word, but letter, number,
punctuation and space count), making traditional newsletters difficult to send via emails. This is why Once Fallen has worked, in
cooperation with inmates who have access to CorrLinks, to create a newsletter with CorrLinks users specifically in mind.

Inside the ICoN

The ICoN's mission is to keep incarcerated "sex offenders" informed of important news and other information related to treatment
and about the laws the may face upon reentry into society. These are the kinds of articles you'll find in the newsletter:

  • Inmate Sound-off: Inmate-submitted letters and thoughts
  • Legal Round-up: Brief summaries of important legal decisions impacting sex offenders
  • Q&A: Inmate questions answered
  • Activist Central: News from sex offender legal reform activism
  • Treatment News: News related to treatment
  • Treatment & Activist Contacts: Contact info for treatment and activism organizations

In addition, Once Fallen will answer inmate inquiries and offer some information whenever possible. Once Fallen DOES NOT
provide attorney services for appeals/ lawyer referrals/ legal aid/ sentencing issues or people finder/ penpal/ mail forwarding
functions, but will try to assist inmates in obtaining useful info as much as possible. Due to limited resources, I suggest downloading
back issues and sending them to loved ones rather than request I send them info to save on time and costs.


CorrLinks users can email me directly at iamthefallen1@yahoo.com in order to automatically receive new ICoNs once they are
released. I no longer offer back-issue service via Corrlinks, however. I suggest consolidated volumes for back issues in a more
convenient format, but are only offered through the mail.

Please note that the ICoN is a text-only newsletter which is optimized for easy cut-and-paste, and will always be less than 13,000
characters in length (that is roughly three to four pages). Thus, those who have loved ones with access to other email services can
easily cut-and-paste this info may be able to receive the ICoN as well.


The ICoN is intellectual property of Once Fallen (Derek W. Logue) and the use of the newsletter is intended for personal, non-
commercial use (i.e., any use except for-profit publication). Thus, intended to be freely disseminated to anyone who wants a copy.
Once Fallen DOES NOT CHARGE for the electronic version of ICoN, so let us know if any organization or person is charging for
this newsletter (outside cost of paper and postage).

However, Once Fallen WILL request compensation for any requests for information by mail, as it costs money for paper and
postage. Generally, I merely ask inmates with requests send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and expect to wait 4-6 weeks for
any special requests by mail. See my
CONTACT ME page for my contact info.


If you were sent to this page from an inmate seeking specific resources, the most popular requested resources not offered by
OnceFallen are listed below. I have covered US Territories in the Consolidated ICoN Vol. 4, see below. I print copies of the Relief
From the Registry and th Registry/ Residency Laws spreadsheets at a cost of two stamps per spreadsheet. If you print them
yourself, I suggest you set your printer to double-sided printing and "Fit to Page" to save space.

  • Relief From the Registry Spreadsheet released by the Collateral Consequences Resource Center: The
    ccresourcecenter.org website has released a spreadsheet of laws that provide relief from the public sex offender registry.
    (Most of the info won't help an inmate but gives some hope of getting off the registry in the future.) You can download the
    info by CLICKING HERE.

  • 50 state registry/ residency restriction guide: You can download the most-requested spreadsheet on registration and
    residency laws for all 50 states or get the complete state statutes in PDF form at the rival ACSOL Website by CLICKING
    HERE. Please note that the latest ACSOL 50 state guide now includes US territories!

  • RTAG Travel Matrix: The Registrant Travel Action Group (RTAG) has created a "Travel Matrix" in an attempt to aid
    registrants planning international travel. The link to this service can be found by CLICKING HERE.

    2017 guide from the Sex Law and Policy Center. Download the PDF by CLICKING HERE.

  • OnceFallen Housing List and House Hunting Tips: I maintain a housing list long with a few tips for finding housing as a
    registered citizen. Access it by CLICKING HERE


All issues of the ICoN will be posted here. Feel free to download them and share them. The print versions are in .docx format (i.e.,
Microsoft Word).

  • "INTRO TO THE ICoN" -- Vol. 0 (Provides introduction not just to the newsletter, but the services I offer to incarcerated
    persons) -- CLICK HERE

  • Consolidated Volumes: These contain condensed versions containing all articles (except time-dated announcements) from
    multiple newsletters at once (I request 2 stamps per copy of each consolidated volume I'm asked to print):

  • Vol. 7: Jan. to June 2019 (Covers #39 to #44) -- COMING SOON
  • Vol. 6: July to Dec. 2018 (Covers #33 to #38) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 5: Jan. to June 2018 (Covers #27 to #32) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 4: Second Half 2017 (Covers ICoN #21 to #26, Travel & US Territories) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 3: First Half 2017 (Covers ICoN #15 to #20) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 2: 2016 (Covers #5 to #14) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 1: 2015 (Covers #1 to #4) -- CLICK HERE

  • 2019

  • #40, 2/19 (Writing Leislators, A note on 18 USC 2252a) Coming Feb 1
  • #39, 1/19 (First Step Act, Farm Bill Final Reports) CLICK HERE

  • 2018
  • #38, 12/18 (Static-99, Voting Rights) CLICK HERE
  • #37, 11/18 (Plethysmographs, Renter Discrimination Tactics) CLICK HERE
  • #36, 10/18 (2018 Farm Bill, Polygraphs, ARM Art Protest review) CLICK HERE
  • #35, 9/18 (Treatment Issues Part 1: Good Treatment) CLICK HERE
  • #34, 8/18 (CP charge for pic of 17 yr old gf, why registry is growing) CLICK HERE
  • #33, 7/18 (Gundy v US Preview, OSU Baseball player is a second chance story) CLICK HERE
  • #32, 6/18 (SO Employment law in CA, DLE Interstate Travel Inquiry) CLICK HERE
  • #31, 5/18 (RC dad wins fight to see sick son in a children's hospital) CLICK HERE
  • #30, 4/18 (Retaliation bill for Coalinga Civ Comm voters, activist loses 1st Amdt case) CLICK HERE
  • #29, 3/18 (MN Activist beats RRs, Man beats Backpage sting case, released 297 yrs early) CLICK HERE
  • #28, 2/18 (Civil Commitment for non-existent crime, More Scams) -- CLICK HERE
  • #27, 1/18 (Billboard suit dismissed, new resources for inmates) -- CLICK HERE

  • 2017

  • 2016
  • Vol. 14, Dec. 2016 (Living your "best life")-- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 13, Nov. 2016 (Real ID, Halloween and Hurricane issues)-- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 12, Oct. 2016 (Pokemon Go, Brock Turner case)-- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 11, Sept. 2016 (International Travel)-- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 10, August 2016 (Report on the Oakland Protest) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 9, July 2016 (Oakland Protest Announcement)-- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 8, June 2016 (Study: 1% of Blacks on Registry)-- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 7, May 2016 (Bipolar Kansas Supreme Court cases) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 6, March/ April 2016 (Employment Survey Summary) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 5 Jan/ Feb 2016 (Civil Commitment Blowback)-- CLICK HERE

  • 2015
  • Vol. 1: May/ June 2015 (Food stamps, Rally news) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 2: July/ Aug. 2015 (Civil Commitment, Smith v Doe challenge) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 3: Sept./ Oct. 2015 (FAMM campaign, Smith v Doe's "Frightening & High" claim) -- CLICK HERE
  • Vol. 4 Nov./ Dec. 2015 (Getting your ID card, Registry "Like a cancer") -- CLICK HERE*
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At the end of pat ICoNs, I added a resource list. As of July 2018, I am removing the list from newsletters because some
resources are banned from prisons and even the ICoN can be rejected just by mentioning the other resources. The
resource list will now be found only in my Intro to the ICoN ("Volume 0"), and I will be altering downloads on this page to
reflect the changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.